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Thrixes Email Campaign

Email Campaign Pricing Plan

NGN 50,000
5-7 Pages
1 GB Storage Web Hosting
5 Images
⊕ Web Design+Domain Name+Email Hosting+Feedback Form+ Live Chat
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NGN 80,000
8-15 Pages
1GB Storage Web Hosting
10 images
Basic Features+ ⊕ photo Gallery/ Portfolio + Blog+Newsletter+Audio/Video
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NGN 100,000
Not More than 20 Pages
1GB Storage Web Hosting
15 images
All Pro Features+ ⊕ Forum ⊕ Product Catalogue
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Call for Pricing
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Storage
unlimited images
⊕ Custom Development
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Benefits of Email Campaign
- Increase Your Sales
- Stand Out from Competition
- affordable Communication
- Consistent Branding and Messaging


Email Campaign Uses
- Mass Marketing
- Customer Communication
- Sales and Advertising
- Online Promotions


How it Works
- In the process of signing up, you explain your services/product. This is to avoid scam campaign
- We confirm the authenticity of your business
- You will send a document that contains information about your product/services; pictures or graphics will be supplied too if needed
- Using information supplied, we will come up with a design for you that will be email friendly and responsive. We will send you a sample for review and approval
- After approval, we send the mail
  Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you Sell data base? Can I have access to the database?
- We do not sell database because of the nature of clients we deal with, it will not be a good reputation to sell out people contact, so we do not sell data base. What we do is to send your campaign to people on our data base. You can not have access to our data base because is approximately to selling of the data base but you are entitled to get the screen shot of how many people your campaign was sent to, the open rate, click rate etc.
2. How many times can you send my campaign in a week and in one month?
- We send campaign once per week and four (4) times in a month because when people get your mail more than once in their box per week, they will classify your mail as spam
3. How can I track the performance of my campaign?
- A screen shot that bears the number of people your campaign was sent to, the number of people that open the mail, how many people that clicked on the link in the email, e.t.c which will serve as a report will be sent to you. You will equally have some autoresponse in your mail box when the campaign has been sent.

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